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IKEA Shining 2

IKEA and The Shining come together brilliantly

IKEA are known for using the inside of their super-sized stores in ad campaigns and to celebrate Halloween this year, IKEA Singapore have imitated […]

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A Dream Partnership

HORT VS. NIKE Hort vs Nike is a delightful combination/partnership of a small but unique Berlin studio and arguably one of the biggest corporations […]

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Dan Woodger 1

Amazing Emoji icons from illustrator Dan Woodger

We all love to use emoji’s nowadays when communicating on our smart phones. They convey messages, feelings, thoughts that we might be too afraid […]

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Chella web image

Liverpudlian womenswear brand Chella appoint Think Publicity

Think Publicity are excited to be appointed by womenswear label Chella, to handle the brand development and PR activity. Chella is a boutique womenswear […]

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Portraits of footballers that have scored in a World Cup Final

                                    Since the first World Cup in […]

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Mondrian and Mohamedi at Tate Liverpool

Modrian and Mohamedi Sitting harmoniously side-by-side on the top floor of Tate Liverpool are two brand new exhibitions. Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, best known […]

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Comic Sans for Cancer 2

Comic Sans for Cancer

As a designer I’ve always sniggered and turned my nose up at the font Comic Sans. I’ve thought that I am above it and […]

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